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Preparing to Have Your First Roommate? 3 Ways to Make a Shared Bathroom Work

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Having your first roommate in a home that you own can come with a lot of changes that you may not be well-prepared for ahead of time. If you’re eager to make having your first roommate an enjoyable experience, it’s a good idea for you to consider whether your current bathroom will be well suited for the addition of another person. If your home has only a single bathroom, it’s a smart idea to invest in bathroom remodeling. The following projects can all help make the bathroom better suited for the addition of a roommate. Keep the Bathroom Neutral at First While your bedroom, living area, and other spaces may reflect your own personal style, the bathroom should be decorated tastefully so that your roommate will feel comfortable using it. There’s always the chance that the bathroom will not be the style your potential roommate likes, leading to them being uninterested in the apartment or home as a whole. Keeping the bathroom neutral simply means choosing towels, a shower curtain, and other accessories that are fairly neutral and won’t feel unwelcoming to a potential new roommate. Prioritize Ample Storage The most important thing to include in any shared bathroom, with family or with a roommate, is storage. Ample storage space can include everything from shelving to cabinets under the sink. Having additional storage can make a big difference in how organized the bathroom looks and how easily you’re able to have access to everything without it feeling cluttered. Leaving some of the storage empty for your roommate to use will also make the space more inviting and easy to keep organized for both you and your roommate. Consider Having Locked Storage While having storage should be a priority, you also need to look into the benefits of locked storage. Many people will feel uncomfortable leaving items such as expensive cosmetics or medications near their roommate, making locked storage a smart option. Keyed locks for cabinets or drawers under the sink can help ensure that there is storage that’s easy to use and keep secure. Preparing your home for the introduction of a new roommate can be scary when you’ve never shared your home before, but it can also come with significant savings in your rent and other utilities. If you want to have the best experience with a roommate and you have a shared bathroom, consider how remodeling can help and the various projects that will help out...

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Remodeling Your Small Space: Four Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Big

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Remodeling a small home or apartment can bring with it a few challenges, one of which is how to furnish the space. You won”t be able to fit a lot of items in your small space, but the right furnishings from a local furniture store like Cozy Interiors can make a big impact. Here are just a few ideas you can use to make your small home feel large. Mirrored Wardrobes Mirrors help to create the illusion of more space in a room, so adding mirrors throughout your small space can help to make it feel bigger. You can use this design concept to your advantage while creating additional storage space with mirrored wardrobes. These wardrobes can be placed along a wall in your bedroom to make up for the lack of closet space while helping to make your bedroom look a bit more spacious. You can use just one wardrobe if you only need a bit of extra storage space, or you can use several to create a focal wall of mirrors in the room. Use this idea in a living room to make the main living area appear larger than it is as well. Sectional Sofas Sectional sofas may seem large, but they serve several purposes in a smaller room. While traditional living room sets have two to three pieces, which can make a living room feel cluttered, a sectional sofa can provide the same amount of seating space in just one piece of furniture. This helps to give the room a more pulled-together look. Consider a sectional with built-in storage drawers or console storage to keep your living room neat and tidy, and add a coffee table with drawers to complete the seating area and provide even more storage space. Area Rugs If your small home has a more open floor plan, you can define the space with area rugs. Your living room seating area can surround one area rug, while a second, longer rug placed under a dining table creates the boundaries for your dining room. Choose rugs that measure about the dimensions you want for each separate living space, and place them on the floor before moving any furniture. Once the rugs are in place, you can easily arrange your furniture to fit your new rug “floor plan.” Go Vertical While your home may be lacking in square footage, your walls can help to make up for the missing space. Use your walls for shelving to add additional storage space to the room, and consider fold-down tables and desks that attach to the walls to save even more space. For children’s bedrooms, add bunk beds with built-in storage to make use of vertical space and provide a bit of extra space for playing in the rooms. Visit your local furniture store to find pieces that fit your home’s available space, and work with your contractor to install shelves and other items to make your home look and feel...

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3 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Updating an old or ugly bathroom can be a great idea– in addition to getting to enjoy your new bathroom, you can also expect to recoup 65.7% of the total cost of the project when you sell your home since a remodeled bathroom adds value to your house. But a full bathroom remodel can be a big investment, so it is important to do it right. Use the following tips if you are planning to remodel your bathroom in the near future: Visit a Bathroom Showroom Photos are great for getting inspiration for your new bathroom, but pictures don’t always accurately show what materials really look like. When you have some ideas about what you would like, take the time to visit a bathroom showroom where you can look at all of the materials, such as sinks, faucets, vanity counter tops, and shower tile, yourself to see which ones you like best for your bathroom. Many bathroom showrooms also employ bathroom designers– if one is available, he or she can be a great resource to help you design your new bathroom and put the plan down on paper. Bathroom designers will know how to create a beautiful room that is also functional and meets the needs of your family. Hire a Licensed Contractor When you’re spending a lot of money to have your bathroom remodeled, it is essential to hire a licensed contractor who is bonded and insured. Many people make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed contractor because their fees are typically lower, but if you do so you won’t have any protection in the event that there is a problem with your project. When you work with a licensed contractor, you can contact your state’s registrar of contractors if an issue arises. Don’t Start the Project Until All Materials Arrive A full bathroom remodel can be a loud, dusty project that requires several people coming in and out of your house each day as they work to complete the project. Most people want their bathroom remodeling project to be done as quickly as possible, especially if several family members are being forced to share a bathroom during construction. One of the easiest ways to prevent any unwanted delays during your bathroom remodel is by not starting the project until all materials have arrived. Work with your contractor to inventory the materials and make sure that everything that was delivered is what you actually ordered. This will prevent hassles and delays and help your bathroom get remodeled as quickly as...

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Remodel Old Wooden Cabinets With Paint And Stenciled-Designs

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If you are remodeling your kitchen and would like to update the appearance of the old, wooden cabinets that are used to store food and dishes, add a couple coats of paint and stenciled-designs to their exterior that will complement other items in the room. Once the project is finished, the cabinets will help brighten up the room and provide it with an inviting appearance. Materials screwdriver wood cleaner slightly abrasive sponge lint-free cloth drop cloths interior spray paint (two colors) stencils painter’s tape thin paintbrush or foam brush clear coat of sealer Remove The Cabinet Doors And Clean Them Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove hardware pieces that are attached to the cabinet doors. Remove the handle or knob that is on each door with the same tool. Place the doors on top of drop cloths that are laid out over a flat surface. Use standard wood cleaner and a slightly abrasive sponge to remove dirty residue from the surface of each door. Wipe the doors off with a lint-free cloth when finished. Clean the cabinet frames in the same manner. Place strips of painter’s tape around each cabinet’s frame.  Apply Paint Apply an even coat of spray paint that is designed for interiors on each door and frame. Wait for the paint to dry. Add another coat of paint if you can still see the color of the wood through the first coat of paint. Line up stencils across the front of each door. Attach the stencils with strips of tape. Use a standard paintbrush or foam brush to fill in the stencils with a color of paint that will complement the initial color that was used to cover the doors and frames. Wait a couple hours for the paint to dry. Apply A Coat Of Sealer, Attach Hardware, And Doors Spray a coat of sealer over the painted doors and frames. Many types of sealer are designed to increase shine and will prevent moisture from damaging the wood that the cabinets are made out of. Once the sealer dries, remove strips of painter’s tape that are around the frames. Reattach the knob or handle to each door. Line up the doors in their original location and secure them with pieces of hardware. Maintain the newly-remodeled cabinets by removing surface stains on a regular basis. Avoid using any type of abrasive cleanser or scrub brush. Instead, use a gentle detergent that is mixed with water and a soft cloth when you are cleaning the painted wood. For more information, contact Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath or a similar...

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Tile Floors In A Nursery? 4 Reasons Why This Flooring Is Best For A Growing Child

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If you’re expecting a baby or are currently remodeling their nursery and they’re still young, it’s a good idea to look into what kind of flooring will be ideal for their bedroom. While carpeting and hardwood have several benefits, it’s common to forget about how great tile floors can be when used in their nursery. If tile flooring in the bedroom seems strange, consider some of the following benefits tile flooring can come with. Keeps the Bedroom Cool During Warmer Months It can be nice to leave the windows open to allow in a breeze or simply bring in some sunlight, but it can lead to your hardwood flooring or carpeting feeling warm. Even with a fan running or the windows shut and the AC turned on, the bedroom can quickly become a room you don’t want to spend time in, simply because it feels warm. Luckily, tile flooring can feel much cooler to the touch than other types of floors, helping to make the bedroom comfortable. Easy to Keep Clean as Your Child Grows Up When choosing flooring to have installed in your child’s room, it’s best to pick something that will continue to look great and be functional as the years go by. Since spills are likely going to be a regular occurrence when you have a young child, either due to craft supplies or drinks spilled, tile flooring can be a good choice since It can be mopped up quickly. With the minimal amount of maintenance required, as opposed to extensive cleaning for carpet or buffing out hardwood floor scratches, you can feel good about the ease of care for tile flooring. Tile Comes in a Range of Colors, Sizes, and Patterns Personalization is an important quality to most people when choosing flooring for their baby’s room, making tile a good option. The amount of options for tile, ranging in colors, sizes of tiles, and the patterns on them can all help you create a unique look in the nursery. This can be so helpful when you want to create a nursery that ages well and reflects your child. Able to Add Softness with an Easy to Clean Area Rug If you’re concerned with how hard tile flooring is compared to carpeting, you can still get a large area rug laid down. With a soft area rug laid down that has easy care as a priority, your child can be comfortably playing on the ground, while you still get the benefits of tile flooring. Before leaving the rug, make sure that you take care of adding traction through adding acrylic-latex caulking underneath. This extra action will help ensure that your child won’t slip while walking over the rug due to bare texture of tile underneath. As you prepare for picking out flooring to have installed in the nursery room of your baby, you need to consider which qualities are the most important. With the above benefits in mind, you should feel good about choosing a tile floor installation.  ...

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Want To Start A Kitchen Remodel? 2 Ways To Continue Making Food At Home On A Budget

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After saving up enough money, you may decide that you want to remodel your kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to make substantial improvements with new appliances, counters, flooring, and more. But, if you plan on living in the house throughout the duration of the remodel, you still need to feed your family. The best thing that you can do is to start your meal planning before the work begins in the kitchen. This will help you through the challenges of staying within your budget, which may not typically be a problem. Make Meals in Advance If you are not used to making food far in advance, you should try to do some meal prepping for the remodel. It will prevent you from having to cook food for every meal. If you have a full-time job and intend on helping out with the remodel when you have free time, you may not be in the mood to cook. One meal that you can start making beforehand is bean and rice burritos. All you need to do is go shopping for dry beans, rice, tortillas, vegetables, salsa, and seasoning if you do not have enough. Then, you can spend an evening with your kids or significant other making a few dozen burritos to enjoy fast and easy meals. To warm burritos up, you need to have a microwave, stovetop, or oven. So, even when you are switching out certain appliances, you can heat them up as long as you have at least one of these operational. Try No-Cook Foods Another way that you can get by without spending a lot of money on groceries is to make no-cook meals. When you have no active appliances, you will appreciate being able to make these dishes. Most of it revolves around raw food, but you will still get the protein and vegetables that you need to be healthy. Do not forget about simple sandwiches such as peanut butter and jelly. To spice this sandwich up, you can mix in chia seeds with the peanut butter or crush bananas to get potassium and extra protein. With just a few utensils, plates, and bowls, you can make most of these meals without using the kitchen at all. It is often tempting to order carryout or delivery food when you are remodeling the kitchen. Knowing how to get creative with meal prep and meal ideas will prevent you from spending a lot of money on food. For kitchen renovations, contact a company such as Personal Touch Kitchens,...

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Tricks To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

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We’re not all blessed with expansive kitchens that would make a celebrity chef feel at home. But even if your kitchen is a bit cozier than you’d like, you can make it appear bigger by using a few tricks. Read on for ways to feel like a celebrity chef in your own kitchen. Color and Pattern A kitchen will appear bigger if there aren’t a lot of things competing for visual attention. Use a monochromatic style of decorating. White is an ideal choice because it makes the walls recede and can make a room appear seamless. If that’s too boring for you, try using different textures in one color or use colors with low contrast, like two different shades of light blue. If you want to use patterns in your decor, choose elongated patterns to draw the eye out. For example, if you want to use checkerboard-style tile on your kitchen floor, lay it on the diagonal rather than square against the walls. Tiles laid square will visually chop the room, while tiles laid on the diagonal will draw the eye away to the ends of the room. Another trick is to use stripes on the floor that run side to side rather than the length of the room. This will make the kitchen appear wider.   Cabinets In a small kitchen, cabinets can do a lot to make a space appear bigger. Talk to local cabinet dealers about finding cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. These tall cabinets will draw the eye upward and make the kitchen appear taller. Store seasonal dishes or infrequently used appliances on those top shelves. If you can keep it neat and don’t have a lot of kitchen appliances and gadgets competing for space, consider open cabinets or cabinets with glass doors. The lack of cabinet doors or see-through glass doors will make your kitchen appear airy and big. If you let those shelves get cluttered, however, if can have the opposite effect.  Work with a company like CFA Cabinetry  to design the perfect cabinets for your space. Furnishings Choose lightweight and slender pieces of furniture for your small kitchen. A floating countertop, backless stools or an industrial cart in place of an island all have clean lines that don’t distract the eye. Bonus if you can see walls and the floor when looking at a piece of furniture because it makes the room appears larger. Take care that your storage needs are met when choosing furnishings for your kitchen, however. If your counter is cluttered with kitchen appliances because your furniture is too small to hold everything, the clutter can make the kitchen feel small and cramped....

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Fiber Cement Is A Great Siding Material

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When it comes to building materials, fiber cement is used in many circumstances. Fiber cement is often referred to as “Hardie board” or “Hardie backer.” This is just one brand name and there are many different manufacturers who produce different types of fiber cement. Most often, it is used as backing for tile floors and walls. However, it can also be used for finished surfaces, like siding. Fiber cement is made out of ground up concrete that is glued together with lightweight, waterproof epoxies. This means it is ideal for exterior siding. This article explains the most important features of fiber cement siding and why it might be a great alternative to vinyl siding. Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl Siding Most people think of vinyl when it comes to cheap and easy exterior siding. However, fiber cement is a viable alternative. It has a similar design and price point as vinyl siding. Just like vinyl, it is often made in long skinny planks that are installed horizontally on the wall. However, you will also see many cement siding products that are produced in shingles. Since fiber cement is slightly heavier than vinyl, the shingle design is very common, especially among customers who plan on installing it on their own. This design creates a more mosaic look that resembles tile or a shingled roof. Since there are more pieces to install, it is a little more time consuming, but you can create a great mosaic design if you use multiple colors on your walls. Fiber Cement is Easy to Maintain Fiber cement siding is very easy to clean and maintain over the years. It is ideal for customers who want a low maintenance product. Cleaning your surface is easy with a hose or pressure washer. Also, if you surface does get scratched, you can easily patch it with concrete patch. Fiber Cement is Paintable Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing fiber cement over vinyl is that fact that it is so much easier to paint. Vinyl siding has a higher gloss, so it can only be effectively painted with a professional paint gun. Even then, the finish might not be very strong. Fiber cement is much rougher and can be easily painted with rollers, brushes or spray guns. Much like painting exterior stucco, it is a much more manageable surface. So, if you foresee that you might want to change your exterior color down the line, fiber cement is a wiser choice. For building materials, contact a company such as Nisbet...

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How To Prevent Roof Leaks By Replacing Bad Plumbing Vent Flashing

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Nothing causes quite as much panic for the average homeowner as a roof leak. One of the main culprits for such leaks is corrosion or damage to the flashing installed around roof plumbing vents. If you would like to learn more to address this common cause of roof leaks, read on. This article will teach you how to replace defective plumbing vent flashing. Two Types Of Flashing The type of flashing used around a particular plumbing vent is dictated by the material out of which the protruding pipe is made. Plastic plumbing vents usually utilize flashing made out of rubber. Metal vents, on the other hand, require metal flashing–usually made out of aluminum. These two types of flashing are prone to different problems. Metal flashing is prone to corrosion and cracks, whereas rubber flashing tends to become brittle and crumble away over time. Start your repair process by heading up to the roof and inspecting the flashing around your plumbing vent for any signs of damage. Flashing Removal Once you’ve determined that your flashing has been compromised by wear, the next step is to remove it. To do this, you’ll need to loosen and remove the shingles that cover the vent flashing. If done carefully, this can be accomplished without damaging the shingles, thus allowing them to be reused when installing the new flashing. Begin by removing the shingles above the vent flashing. In order to do this, you will first need to free the overlapping tabs of the shingle above. Do this by slipping a putty knife below the tabs, carefully working it back and forth to break the adhesive seal holding the tab in place. Now you can use a flat bar to gently loosen and remove the nails holding the shingles in place. Continue this process until you have removed all of the shingles covering the flashing. You should now see the entire flashing, including the nails used to hold it in place. Pry these up and lift the flashing away. Be aware that you may need to first use a knife to remove any caulk keeping the flashing in place. Flashing Installation Now all that is required is to repeat the process backwards using the replacement flashing. Make sure that the protruding pipe is exactly centered in the flashing. Once you’ve established the positioning, lift the flashing and apply a bead of silicone caulk to its under edges. This will help form a watertight seal. Finally, nail the flashing into place and reinstall the shingles around it. Congratulations, your roof leak is now a thing of the past! Talk to your local roof contractor for more...

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Four Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Asphalt Roof

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As a homeowner, it is important that you know how to protect your roof. Accomplishing this goal should begin with knowing what not to do. There are a number of seemingly innocent practices that actually put the integrity of your roof in danger. Make sure you aren’t engaging in these practices. Neglecting The Flashing Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your flashing. Flashing keeps your home safe from water damage by helping to divert water away from your home, instead of allowing it to roll straight down. If the flashing is detached or bent this can prevent water from flowing correctly, causing it to roll down the side of your home. If your flashing is showing signs of extreme wear, make replacement a priority. Ignoring Shingle Lifespan Asphalt shingles are popular because they are designed to last for a long time. Don’t assume this means forever. The expectancy of asphalt shingles is between 20 and 40 years. If you have had your roof installed this long, it’s time to think about replacement. When you ignore lifespan, you put the under layers of your roof at risk for water damage. The reason for this is that as asphalt shingles age, they start to deteriorate and loosen, which allows water to seep in beneath them and cause damage. Failing To Clean Gutters Understand that gutters are not self-cleaning. Leaves, dirt and other debris can accumulate inside the gutters, creating a blockage. This blockage prevents water from passing through and causes it to back up and eventually settle on your roof. Unfortunately, there is no set timeline by which you need to clean your gutters. However, if you live in an area with a lot of trees, you will need to perform this step relatively frequently. Missing Inspections One thing about roof issues is that most problems are progressive. A problem generally starts off small and gradually gets more significant and costly. If you miss regular inspections, you put your roof at risk for greater damage. Make sure you aren’t missing your annual roof inspection. As part of this process, a roofing contractor can quickly alert you of a problem so that you can resolve it before it becomes a major issue, which can save you money. Make sure you aren’t playing a part in damaging your roof. Keep proper care and maintenance a priority in order to avoid this type of scenario. For assistance, talk to a roofer like Crown Remodeling...

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